Biggest pot bust in Bayonne history

Police seize 595 pounds of marijuana

The Bayonne Police Department arrested two men on marijuana charges on Jan. 26 after discovering them at 65 New Hook Road. The men, Gordon T. Peters, 42, of Miramar, Fla., and Jason L. Peters, 21, of Miami, Fla., were charged with possession of over 25 pounds of marijuana, and possession of marijuana within 500 feet of a public walkway. The approximate weight of the marijuana seized by the police was 595 pounds, which has an estimated street value of $2 million.
According to Police Chief Robert Kubert and Mayor Mark Smith, as measured by pounds, this is apparently the largest seizure of marijuana in the history of the Bayonne Police Department. Police officers Samuel Garcia and Domenico Colabraro were on a routine patrol on the East Side of Bayonne at around 10:30 p.m. From working the area regularly, the officers noticed that the gate at 65 New Hook Road, which is normally closed, open.
They entered the lot at that location to conduct a check of the area, where there have been some recent burglaries involving tractor-trailers. As they searched, the officers came across a white tractor-trailer with South Carolina plates. They noticed a gray minivan backed up to the trailer, and that the minivan’s hatchback was open. They observed a beam of light on the ground towards the rear of the trailer.
Believing that a burglary was taking place, officers Garcia and Colabraro requested additional police units to respond to the scene. As they approached the rear of the trailer, the officers heard a drilling noise coming from inside the trailer. When they got to the back of the trailer, they observed a male, later identified as Gordon Peters, standing up inside the trailer. The officers reported seeing him holding a large, cube-shaped object in his hand while wearing a miner’s light on his head. The police ordered Gordon Peters out of the trailer.
According to the incident report, Gordon Peters allegedly threw the cube to the ground and tried to move toward the rear of the trailer. At the same time, officers Frank Calabrese and Kyle Davis arrived on the scene as back-up. Calabrese and Davis observed another male, later identified as Jason Peters, allegedly trying to duck down in the cab of the tractor. Officer Davis ordered Jason Peters to move out of the truck.
Then officers Garcia, Colabraro, and Calbrese entered the trailer portion of the truck and detained Gordon Peters. Upon entering the trailer, the officers smelled raw marijuana emanating from the inside. Officer Colabraro noticed that the cube that had been dropped to the ground was cut open on one side. When the officers examined the cut cube more closely, they saw green vegetation, suspected marijuana, coming out of the cube’s opening. At this time, the officers arrested both Gordon and Jason Peters.

More cubes

While Gordon Peters was being escorted out of the trailer, Officer Calabrese noticed a large wooden crate that had numerous identical cubes and bundles inside of it. Lieutenants Eric Deitrich and Jeremy Sullivan, and sergeants Joseph Spiers and William Nide, arrived on the scene and authorized the impounds of the tractor trailer and minivan, pending the application of search warrants.
Both vehicles were removed by Dente Towing to the police central garage. The light Gordon Peters was wearing, a knife with marijuana residue, which police allege was in his pocket, and a cordless drill were all placed into evidence, along with the initial cube of marijuana.
The police confiscated $581 from Gordon Peters and $519 from Jason Peters as suspected drug proceeds.
Municipal Judge Cheryl Scott Cashman issued search warrants to Sgt. Spiers for both vehicles. Lt. Sullivan and Sgt. Spiers responded to the central garage, where officers Garcia and Colabraro assisted them in the search of both vehicles. From the rear trailer, they recovered 31 bundles of marijuana. The bundles were marked with different weights on each of them. From inside the tractor, Sgt. Spiers recovered $3,000, which was confiscated as suspected drug proceeds. A search of the minivan turned up no additional contraband.
On Jan. 27, Judge Cashman set bail at $250,000 for each suspect, with no 10 percent option.
“This case proves the importance of police patrols in fighting crime,” Mayor Smith said. “I would like to thank officers Colabraro and Garcia for their smart and careful police work. I would like to commend all of the officers who came to their aid in arresting the two men and uncovering the evidence.”
Chief Kubert said, “I would like to thank all of the officers who responded to the scene. I would like especially to commend officers Garcia and Colabraro for their attention to detail while on patrol. It was their observation of the open gate at 65 New Hook Road that led to the discovery of the two men and their contraband.”

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