Troyer’s award

Dear Editor:
Last week I submitted a letter to the Secaucus Reporter, only four paragraphs long. The gist of the letter simply explained my calling attention to several letters and articles that have appeared in the papers blasting several Board of Education members (past and present), our Superintendent of Schools, and Board Secretary/Business Administrator. In my view the letters stem from the lack of communication and information between the Board and the person writing the letter. The nasty, misleading and false information contained in some of these letters should be addressed by the individuals being attacked. I explained my method of handling someone that I believe to be in the above category, by presenting them the “Troyer’s award of the month”.
Your reporter, Assata Wright, read my little letter, asked for an interview and permission to write an article about my award. I was delighted upon reading the article. However, my letter never appeared in your column, but I’m not complaining.
Now, the reason for writing this letter. The demands I have received, people stopping me on the street requesting my award, have been overwhelming. However, most are missing the point of this award, that point being, you have to earn it.

Tom Troyer

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