Police Beat

Compiled by Timothy J. Carroll 1/31/10

Rash of auto smash-and-grabs

Police reported nine smashed car windows in Hoboken between Thursday, Jan. 21 and Tuesday, Jan. 26, five of which resulted in theft.
Electronic devices were taken from the cars in four cases; CDs and some coins were taken in one, and the others resulted only in smashed windows. One incident resulted in an arrest.
A $200 Garmin GPS was stolen from an Audi parked on Ninth Street between Jan. 23 and Jan. 24.
A $150 Magellan GPS was taken from a Toyota F J Cruiser parked on Madison Street between Jan. 21 and Jan. 22.
A $200 Garmin GPS and a $150 iPod Nano were swiped from a Toyota Camry parked on Newark Street on Jan. 22.
A $250 Magellan GPS was stolen from a Lexus ES3 parked on Monroe Street between Jan. 25 and Jan. 26.
Five CDs and $3 in change were taken from a Kia parked on Bloomfield Street between Jan. 23 and Jan. 25.
In these cases, police are investigating the thefts, but no suspects have been apprehended.
Car windows were smashed on Garden Street, Third Street, and First Street during this time as well, although nothing was taken from the vehicles.

The rock

Police arrested William Workman, 20, Jersey City on Sunday, Jan. 24 after a witness claimed he had launched a rock through a car window at 50 Harrison St. Police arrested Workman on charges of criminal mischief.
While police were escorting Workman to their car, his girlfriend, Jessica Calderon, 18, Jersey City, allegedly tried to pull Workman away from police apprehension, and later allegedly struggled while police tried to subdue her, then arrest her.
Calderon is charged with obstruction of justice, resisting arrest, and underage drinking.
According to police, Workman said he was in a fight with his girlfriend.

Sandwich to go

A loss prevention officer at Shop Rite, 900 Madison St., reported a local man had allegedly taken “various cold cuts,” bread, and a bottle of orange soda from the store.
The employee told police that the man allegedly stuck the bread and meats in his coat and the soda up his coat sleeve and attempted to walk out of the store.
Police arrested Lloyd Conine, 44, Hoboken, on charges of shoplifting a total of $36 in merchandise.

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