‘On The Streets Where We Live’ is living history

Dear Editor:
What a joy it is to read good news in a newspaper. And that is what Matthew Amato’s column is all about. He puts us in touch with our county roots. We re-live happy experiences that were part of our lives growing up and living in Hudson County.
Through his unique interview style, we are re-introduced to friends and neighbors we haven’t heard about or been in contact with in many years. He brings the past into the present. And he introduces us to new neighbors and new things going on around us. His column is like going to a class reunion.
On The Streets Where We Live. What an appropriate name for Matt’s column. We all need the pick-me-up and putting the smile on our face that his writing does for us.
His column is living history for those of us who call Hudson County home. Keep up the good work, Matt!

Donald W. DeLeo,
Hudson County Surrogate

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