On principal Impreveduto’s leave

Dear Editor:
I am writing in regard to the recent articles that have appeared in the Hudson Reporter covering extended leave taken by the Secaucus Middle School principal Mr. Pat Impreveduto. Mr. Impreveduto has been a loyal community servant for over 30 years. Prior to the appointment of the new superintendent, Mr. Impreveduto served as the principal of the High School for a number of years. He is respected by his colleagues, students and the community at large.
The articles state that Mr. Impreveduto is on an extended leave resulting from a fall that he sustained on school property on September 14, 2009.
The writer goes on to imply that Mr. Impreveduto may be defrauding the system since he attended council meetings is his home town of Holmdel where he serves as deputy mayor. Perhaps most outrageous is the fact that the Superintendent of Schools and the Board Administrator candidly discuss Mr. Impreveduto’s medical condition.
It is interesting to note that when I inquired about personnel issues at the Board meetings, I was politely told that the Board could not discuss these matters publicly. Yet, somehow the Superintendent and the Administrator found it fit to tell the newspaper that Mr. Impreveduto has been cleared to return to work and is opting to take his accumulated sick time – which totals 310 days – to extend his leave. The superintendent goes on record of stating that Mr. Impreveduto’s absence is creating a tremendous strain on the system that will have to be addressed.
These statements that Mr. Impreveduto is milking the system are unfair and nothing short of character assassination. Mr. Impreveduto lives in Holmdel which is an hour’s drive from Secaucus. Someone with an injury may have a difficult time commuting two hours each day. Yet, he may well be able to attend a town Council meeting and sit for an hour. It is unfair to suggest that his extended leave is due to anything other than his personal well being. It is equally unfair to discuss these personal matters and details of his leave with the press, especially since I have been rebuffed in my inquiries about pay practices and compensation. It is interesting to note that the Superintendent and the Board Administrator feel that it is fit to discuss these matters on a select basis. That is to say that if they have an axe to grind with you – all bets are off.
I encourage the Board to adopt a consistent policy on these matters and adapt them to all district employees – not simply the ones that are on their “hit list.” I hope that Mr. Impreveduto has a speedy recovery and that he is treated fairly when he does return to work. I encourage the Board to act professionally and recognize the loyalty and the contributions that Mr. Impreveduto has made to the district and to stop discussing his medical condition in the press.

Tom Roarty

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