Immigrant College

Dear Editor:
I am writing to express my disappointment in the State legislature for recently voting down a measure which was aimed at advancing the educational pursuits of our young people. Specifically, said legislation was designed to offer New Jersey students who have not yet obtained legal status the ability to receive in-state college tuition rates. The intention of this legislation was honorable in that it was aimed at making the academic experience more accessible to those who have scholarly credentials to pursue a degree.
While this bill was controversial, it is important to recognize that prospective students deserve an education. Furthermore, all students currently are permitted an education between grades K-12. It seems ridiculous that those same students are penalized when they wish to advance their education at the university level.
I remain staunchly opposed to the philosophy that immigrant children who have not yet reached legal status should be punished. Such thinking runs counter to the ideals on which our great nation was founded.
It would seem evident that making education more accessible to all is in step with advancing the quality of life for all residents, as students become more cognizant of local and global issues. To hinder the ability of one to seek an education is reprehensible.
In closing, I wish to express that we need to show compassion as we consider policies that will enhance the lives of our young people. Opportunity should be afforded to those who have the spirit to change their lives for the better.

Brian P. Stack
State Senator

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