‘Do you think you stand a chance?’

To the Editor:
I read today’s “Bayonne Community News” (Jan. 20) and found myself laughing out loud with regard to an article in the “briefs” section on page 46. I actually thought I was reading the funnies in the Sunday paper.
Let’s see if I have this accurate or not. Mr. Anthony Chiappone, the indicted assemblyman of the 31st District, is thinking of running for mayor of the City of Bayonne? I do believe he is the same Anthony Chiappone who resigned in April 2009 from his council seat to supposedly be able to focus completely on the Assembly. Then a short time ago, I happened to be reading one of the local newspapers. There happened to be a quote from Mr. Chiappone in the paper that “he was forced to resign from the council.”
Mr. Chiappone, are there any other excuses regarding the real story behind your resignation? How many times are you going to change your story? You and your rah rah team seem to keep saying that Councilman La Pelusa changed his story several times. What about you? You know what they say, “One shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses.”
The question I have is what is wrong with the thinking of Denis Wilbeck and Ramon Veloz. I know Mr. Wilbeck. He is educated and pretty smart. I am surprised that these two men would want to put their name next to yours. I don’t know Mr. Veloz, but I see from his previous election, he is a businessman and educated as well. I just keep coming back to the same question. Why would anyone want their name affiliated with yours?
Mr. Chiappone, do you really think you stand a chance to be mayor? I really hope you get your head out of “you know where” and start thinking of moving on. Bayonne will go down the drain even faster than it is with the Smith Administration if you were to become our mayor.


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