Suspended Hoboken SWAT team lieutenant in trouble at airport

HOBOKEN — Lt. Angelo Andriani, the suspended former head of Hoboken’s SWAT Team, had a little trouble down in a Tampa, Fla. airport two weeks ago when he was trying to return to New Jersey, just reported.
Andriani is on a two-year paid suspension after a city investigation found possible misconduct on the SWAT team, and photos were released to the press of team members partying with Hooters girls on humanitarian missions to Louisiana. The SWAT Team was since disbanded. reports:

According to a Tampa police log, two TIA police officers responded to a disturbance call at 9:15 a.m. when Andriani, 56, who was in line for a flight to New Jersey, became irate when airline flight crew members were permitted to pass him in line at a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint. He took pictures of TSA agents’ badges, police said.
Ann Davis, TSA spokeswoman, said the passenger [allegedly] yelled at TSA officers, complained about the screening process, [allegedly] displayed a badge, and said he was a police officer.
Airport police ran a wanted check on him before allowing him to continue to his flight, the police log said.

The site says the incident happened on Jan. 16.
Police Chief Anthony Falco said he could not comment because of an ongoing administrative hearing, but said typically when officers are suspended, they are required to turn in their identification, badge, and weapon.
Andriani began his suspension under the supervision of former Police Chief Carmen LaBruno, who retired in the wake of several police scandals, long before Falco took the reins of the police force.
According to a source, Andriani presented a Hoboken police ID and badge to Tampa police when he was being questioned in Tampa International Airport.

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