Police Beat

Compiled by Timothy J. Carroll 1/24/10

Harassed by a ‘demon ghost’

A woman from Ridgewood notified police after she received a chain text message, according to a police report. The woman was driving through Hoboken on Sunday, Jan. 10 when she received a picture text message – described as a “chain message” – that was purportedly sent by a girl named Mandy, “who was killed in the past by [four] male individuals and then was resurrected as a demon ghost,” according to the report. The message stated that if the woman did not forward the message to 10 people, “Mandy” would haunt her at night and then kill her.
Police took the woman’s complaint and said they are investigating the origin of the message.

The not-so-lovely bones

Police are investigating several small piles of bones that were found by a woman walking past 220 Adams St., a Housing Authority senior citizens building.
Some of the bones were piled, other were scattered, but most seemed only large enough to belong to a small animal, most likely a chicken.
The woman called the Reporter, who in turn called Health Officer Frank Sasso.
Sasso investigated the bones, and turned over the situation to the police.
Police have sent the bones to the Medical Examiner’s office in Newark, according to Lt. Det. Mark Competello.
“I’m pretty sure the bones aren’t human,” Competello said, but he is having them examined to be sure. Police suspect the bones are from a chicken or possibly a pig.
If any bones are found to be human, Competello said police will launch a second investigation.

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