Consider the source of letters against me

Dear Editor:
The Jan. 17th edition of the Union City Reporter published a Letter to the Editor which was signed by “A Concerned American Citizen”. The letter speaks about a recent incident in which political opponents were arrested and charged for distributing a written letter which used both my likeness and signature without my authorization. The intention of this letter was to deceive residents by making it appear that I authored the letter, as it was written in the first person voice. Clearly, it is against the law to steal certain components that are associated with one’s identity to spread falsehoods which are aimed at damaging a reputation.
The integrity of an identity is protected by the law and in this particular instance those who acted unlawfully will have to endure the consequences of their illegal actions.
While I do not hold those who were arrested for this act in high regard, I do expect that the Union City Reporter would act with more responsibility when publishing letters that are related to said matter. It only seems fair that if a letter is drafted to address the character of another person, that the author of the letter should be identified in order to lend credibility to the conveyed message.
I am surprised that the editorial page is now operating in the same manner as internet message boards which permit anonymity when commenting.
The political season is fast approaching and I anticipate meritless attacks. It is my hope that local media outlets will act more responsibly by refusing to print letters of those who choose to convey a message but do not have the integrity to sign their name to it. Readers deserve more from a local newspaper.
In the coming months, I ask residents to consider the sources of political messages.

Brian P. Stack

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