Sobolov was good choice for school board

Dear Editor:
To the members of the Hoboken Board of Education: This letter is to thank you for selecting Irene Sobolov as the newest member of the Hoboken Board of Education. Irene is a Hoboken parent who has worked tirelessly as a volunteer within the Hoboken school system. Irene attended Hoboken public schools and knows the system better than anyone. She understands what is working, and what needs to change to bring the schools to their true potential. Most importantly, she is not afraid of the hard choices and difficult work that will have to be done to make the schools the best they can be.
Irene recognized several years ago that there were many great things going on at Hoboken High that were going unrecognized by the general public. In order to get the word out, Irene worked with the administration to organize tours of the high school where parents could see first hand the fabulous work of the students and teachers. She has been doing this for years and has opened the minds of many people to the possibilities Hoboken High holds. Without her initiative, I truly believe many people would have never even gone into Hoboken High, let alone considered it for their child.
In summary, I believe the Hoboken public schools could not have a better advocate than Irene Sobolov. I commend you in your selection, and look forward to hearing about Irene’s future contributions to the Hoboken community.

Alyse Battaglia

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