Police Beat

Compiled by Timothy J. Carroll 1/10/10

Artie Lange suicide call

Police said the mother of comedian Artie Lange made a 911 call at 9:36 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 2 after finding the Howard Stern sidekick bleeding on the floor of his Hoboken apartment after an apparent suicide.
Paramedics found Lange unconscious with nine “self-inflicted stab wounds” from a 13-inch Wolfgang Puck kitchen knife, according to Lt. Det. Mark Competello.
He was transported from his condominium in the Shipyard Development to Jersey City Medical Center.
Police called it a suicide attempt and have no further investigation planned.
Competello said that they found prescription drugs in his apartment, but were not sure whether they were related to the suicide attempt. No illegal drugs were found, according to Competello.

Crime spree suspects caught

Police have arrested two men for allegedly burglarizing a string of Hoboken stores, according to Competello, and allegedly looting over $17,000 in cash and merchandise.
After compiling evidence including video surveillance, police charged Hoboken residents Brian P. Weldon, 25, and Jason Solivan, 28, with allegedly robbing three stores.
Police said they caught Weldon and Solivan outside Daniel’s Liquor Store, 87 Garden St., at 3:10 a.m. on Jan. 6 after the two men allegedly burglarized the store. Weldon allegedly fled the scene, and Solivan, carrying a large black duffel bag, was chased into a building elevator at 51 Garden St. While searching the building, police found Weldon on the ninth floor in a recycling room, they said.
Security tapes from the liquor store showed Solivan and Weldon allegedly burglarizing the store, according to police, and the store owner also identified a third individual who lived at 51 Garden St. with the other men.
The third individual was detained for investigation by police, consented to a search of his apartment, but was not charged in any of the crimes. At his apartment, police found Solivan, along with $2,500 worth of loot, including liquor, cigarettes, cigars, and cash.
For the alleged liquor store heist, Weldon was charged with burglary, theft, and criminal mischief. Solivan was charged with burglary, theft, and obstruction of the law. Both men were incarcerated at the Hudson County Correctional Adult Facility, police said.
A follow-up investigation implicated the two men in another count of alleged burglary, theft, and criminal mischief of a business located at 89 Willow Ave. on Friday, Dec. 25. Police say they obtained evidence and taped confessions by both Solivan and Weldon that tied them to a heist of $13,200 worth of merchandise including computers, monitors, a flat screen TV, a camera, and other electronic merchandise. None of the loot has been recovered, but the investigation is ongoing and further arrests may be imminent, police said.
A third alleged burglary occurred on Friday, Jan. 1 at Legal Beans, 204 Newark St. Solivan was arrested for burglary, theft, and possession of burglar’s tools after investigation and evidence linked him to the crime. Solivan told police he acted alone in that incident.
A total of $1,400.00 was reported missing, including cash and electronics from the burglary. This incident and the stolen proceeds also remain under investigation, police said.

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