No mercy from light rail ticket checkers

Dear Editor:
I am a recent Bayonne resident, and I work in Jersey City. I take the light rail to work everyday. The police “randomly” check for my ticket during rush hours.
Recently, on Christmas Eve I did some shopping in Bayonne and I walked over to the 22nd. I stamped my light rail ticket and waited for a train and than I had to really go to the bathroom, so I walked to the McDonalds and then I went home to pick up something to make my stomach feel better. Then I proceeded to walk to the 34 Street Station. I got onto the train and got off the train at Harmon Cove (near the big Shop Rite).
I was immediately approached by a police officer who asked to see my ticket. He told me that I was an hour over due and I told him the above story and that I was on my way to the mall to finish my Christmas shopping. I was still carrying some of my gifts from Bayonne. He heartlessly did not care and talked to his fellow police officers and they all agreed that I was in violation. I had a valid ticket with the Christmas Eve date stamped and I told them that I had to go to the bathroom and that I walked up to the next station. What do I tell the judge when I go to the court date on the ticket? Should I bring proof that I have constantly purchased tickets and that I am a law abiding citizen and I find this ticket unreasonable?
Anyone interested in discussing the matter with me should call 732-648-5749.

Stuart Graham

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