New approach to school board meetings a positive step

Dear Editor:
We would like to follow up on our previous letter to the editor by publicly thanking Union City Superintendent of Schools Stanley Sanger, BOE president Jeanette Peña, and the rest of the Board of Education for following through on their promises to make the Union City Board of Education meetings more easily accessible to the general public.
Last week an automated telephone announcement was made to every parent in the Union City district reminding them of tonight’s BOE meeting.
The meeting was held at 7 o’clock, as scheduled, a time that is more convenient for working parents to attend.
Parents and district employees were able to ask questions and voice concerns about various matters.
We very much appreciate the swift implementation of these changes.
We also would like to urge our principals and parent liaisons to assist in the School Board’s efforts by encouraging parents to attend these meetings. Awareness plays a major role in allowing every parent in Union City to have a voice concerning their child’s education.

Peter Borten
Melissa Murray-Mutch
Elizabeth Weiss

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