Don’t criticize those who feed the poor

Dear Editor:
In regards to your “Free food for poor really came from dumpsters” article [12/20], I hope the church and its mission to help the people can be saved from state policies and taxes. I live a block away from Bethany Lutheran Church and I have looked forward to taking and seeing what free food they have placed on the sidewalk for people each day. It is an environmentally conscious and alternative way of life to not waste absurd amounts of food. City Harvest gives food thrown away from restaurants to the poor. Freegans ( have dumpster dived and made community meals for people from dumpster diving for years now. It would be a shame for the state to intervene in the name of safety for most likely reasons of tax purposes. This church represents true freedom to me and again, I hope it can be saved from the state and its licensing tax policies.

Good day,
Carla Jean

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