West New York boy faked way into Princeton U

HUDSON COUNTY — The New York Times has a story today about Harold Fernandez, who as a boy was snuck into the United States illegally. He lived in West New York, went to prep school, and in the 1980s entered Princeton U with a fake social security number.
The Times story is an excerpt from his upcoming memoir. The story notes:
“Harold had been raised in the streets of Medellín, Colombia, listening to tango and salsa lyrics that spoke of the harsh local realities of violence, drugs and prison. His American schooling was in a gritty factory town, West New York, N.J.
“He also harbored a secret. He had entered Princeton using a fake green card and Social Security number that he had acquired in the immigrant black market, because he had been smuggled into Florida on a leaky boat crowded with illegal immigrants.”
Read more in an upcoming Reporter story.

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