Endorsement season begins!

Frank Raia, one of the seven contenders for the Hoboken mayoral seat, announced yesterday that ex-Mayor Steve Cappiello has endorsed him for mayor. Cappiello is an enigmatic figure in Hoboken and a key player in Hoboken’s rapid development in the early 1980s. — TJC
Below is the press release:

Steve Cappiello, former Mayor of Hoboken and a legend in Hudson County political circles, has strongly endorsed Frank Raia for Mayor.
Cappiello stated emphatically, “Frank Raia is my choice for mayor of Hoboken because he is the best choice for all Hoboken. No one else has dedicated himself to the needs of poor people and the working class as has Frank Raia. He has always been there whenever our city needed him, and whenever anyone has called upon him. Now, all of Hoboken needs him and is calling upon Frank to proudly step up to the plate and be our Mayor.”
“We are facing a financial crisis and a crisis of trust. I know that we can trust Frank Raia to lead us out of the fiscal mess that others have brought upon our city. Only Frank Raia has the experience, the integrity, and the know-how to turn Hoboken around.”
“Frank has always been generous with his time and his resources for our entire community, especially in matters of housing for low income families. Hoboken owes him a great debt for the many countless things he has accomplished for our city as a private citizen. Now the time has come to utilize his leadership in a public capacity by electing him Mayor.”
“I urge all my friends, and everyone in Hoboken, to vote for Frank Raia. I strongly support Frank Raia for mayor all the way”, Cappiello concluded.

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