Awarded bases

Question: In high school baseball only – Runner on third, one out, one ball, one strike count on batter; runner attempts to steal home on pitch, which contacts the runner. Live/dead ball? Ball/strike? Interference? Award home to runner?
Answer: Dead ball and pitch must be judged as strike or ball for batter. Runner is awarded home. (BB- Rule 6-1-4; 8-3-1(a & c) )
Question: In high school softball only, runner is caught in rundown between third and home. Third baseman obstructs runner returning to third as shortstop tags runner out at third. Award runner third or home?
Answer: Umpire awards runner base she would have reached had she not been obstructed; hence, cancel the out and runner gains third base. (SB- Rule 8-4-3(b) )


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