Vote yes on open space question

Dear Editor:
On Tuesday, November 3rd, we will be asked to go to the polls to vote for candidates and initiatives in this year’s General Election. I strongly urge you to review your ballot and cast an affirmative vote for an important public question: the New Jersey Open Space Bond Issue.
As we all know, the acquisition and creation of public space is of vital importance to our community. This issue has been highlighted over the past several weeks due to structural problems at Sinatra and Castle Point parks, which has required the temporary closing of our soccer field.
For years, the City of Hoboken and community groups have worked to identify and seek funding sources to enable the City to move forward with acquiring land for park space. Green Acres funding will be crucial to moving important projects forward such as 1600 Park and park initiatives in the Southwest and western portions of the City. In addition, according to engineering reports, final repairs to Sinatra Field could cost as much as $7 million. Sadly, years of neglect, dating back to 1995 brought us to today’s circumstances. As Acting Mayor, I am seeking every funding option possible to help reduce costs to taxpayers. Green Acres represents an important funding opportunity for Hoboken, and therefore I encourage everyone to support the ordinance.
To date, Hoboken has benefited greatly in its parks initiatives with the help of the New Jersey D.E.P. Green Acres Local Assistance Program. Approval of Public Question #1 will help to further this goal.
On Nov. 3rd, we all have the opportunity to join in this statewide initiative to preserve our dwindling natural resources and make our community a better place to live.

Very truly yours,
Mayor Dawn Zimmer

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