Vote November 3

Dear Editor:
Hoboken has always been a town that I loved in spite of its government, never because of it. Over the past 12 years my love for this town grew, and, as I found out more about Hoboken politics, so did my exasperation over how the town is run. I have often wondered what Hoboken’s potential would be if its elected representatives actually represented the interests of its citizens.
Over the last 10 weeks we got to have a small taste of what that might be like. A mayor that pushes for zoning board appointment power to be moved out of her hands, and into the hands of the city council. A mayor that works proactively with the governor to head off attempts to circumvent Hoboken’s zoning approval rights. A mayor that follows through on her promises, by advocating for implementation of wet weather pumps to address flooding. A mayor that opens up the hiring process to the most qualified candidates in a fair and open process. A mayor that has already demonstrated to the state improvements and a concrete plan, which should soon lead Hoboken out of the shadow of state supervision.
If we can see this much improvement in less than 3 months, imagine what can be accomplished with a full term. I encourage all my fellow citizens to make that a reality on November 3rd.

Brian Jennings

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