Mr. Nathan Brinkman for Mayor of Hoboken

Dear Editor:
As Chairman of the Hudson County Young Republicans, I would like to take this opportunity to formally endorse Mr. Nathan Brinkman for Mayor of Hoboken, Mrs. Irene Kim-Asbury in District 31 & Ms. Beth Hamburger in the 33rd District for the upcoming November 3rd Election. I have known all three candidates for some time now and have the fullest of confidence in their abilities.
Mr. Brinkman has been Secretary for the Hudson County Young Republicans in previous years and has been asset to my administration. In addition, I have known Nathan to be a dedicated family man as well as a hard-working professional with considerable ambition. He would be a refreshing change for the citizens of Hoboken who have been inundated with the “politics as usual” lifestyle that has been prevalent in Hudson County for so many years. As an outsider, he will bring accountability and transparency back to City Hall.
I can say the same for Mrs. Kim-Asbury and Ms. Hamburger. These are two dedicated Young Republicans and professionals who I am extremely proud of for pursuing public service. The residents in their districts will greatly benefit from their presence and their representation in Trenton.
I strongly urge Hudson County residents to embrace change by changing the status quo. The taxpayers in this county need relief not only financially, but also from the taint of corruption, which has engulfed this county for far too long. Thank you.

Fernando Uribe Jr.
Chairman-Hudson County Young Republicans

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