Mayor Stack takes cheap shots at law enforcement

Dear Editor:
I wish to express my disappointment in Union City Mayor Brian Stack and the recent comments he made, in the Union City Reporter, regarding the deputizing of local law enforcement officers, commonly known as 287G. Mayor Stack’s letter to the editor clearly implies that law enforcement officers cannot be trusted with the additional duties and responsibilities which may be granted under 287G. My response is not in support or opposition of 287G. It is simply to voice my concern regarding Mayor Stack’s letter. It would appear that both Mayor Stack and the State Attorney General are taking the opportunity to play politics with a very sensitive issue. In doing so, they are portraying local law enforcement as the bad guys. The fact of the matter is that most police executives want nothing to do with 287G . 287G is part of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act of 1996, passed by the United States Congress and Signed into Law by President Bill Clinton. 287G was passed by politicians and then forced on law enforcement agencies by other politicians. If Mayor Stack and the State Attorney General have issues with the deputizing of local law enforcement officers, I suggest they both take the issue up with the U.S Congress and petition congress to change the law. In Mayor Stack’s letter he praises the Attorney General “on its decision to warn local enforcement agencies.” I wish the AG would have taken the same approach after 44 New Jersey Politicians were arrested for corruption. Maybe the AG should have sent out a letter to every other New Jersey politician warning them of the evils of public corruption. Maybe Mayor Stack should have written a letter to the editor commending elected officials who violate public trust. After all, many of those arrested came from Mayor Stack’s county and legislative district. I guess in the end it is easier to play to your base while taking cheap shots at local law enforcement. Mayor Stack, our law enforcement officers needs to be supported, not second guessed.


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