Thank you from Jillian Elias

To the Editor:
My name is Jillian Elias, and I was struck by a drunk driver. The community has been coming together as one to help out my family. My mom has been thanking everyone, but I would like to say something myself. I would like to thank my mom (Monica Elias) and dad (Jimmy Elias) for supporting me through these hard times. They were there from day one at the hospital. They made me stronger physically and mentally, and I thank them for that.
My sister (Jessica Elias) always had faith that I would walk again and never believed the doctors when they said I wouldn’t.
I would also like to thank Karina, Kaitlyn, and Jocelyn Turley, Brian Petty, Michele Egan, and Susan Gravatt for constantly visiting me in the hospital, along with all my other friends. Brian Petty and Karina Turley slept at the hospital often and never questioned why they were there. They did a lot of stuff for me when I was in my paralyzed state and couldn’t do much for myself. I thank them so much for being there for me when I needed them the most. I love you both so much.
My family has also came often to visit me and keep me company, from my grandmother, uncles, aunts, cousins, and just close family friends and I thank you all as well.
I would like to thank my cousin (Amanda Lorenc) for doing everything she can for me. If she could have been there everyday, she would have been.
Laura and Gene Perry, Brian and Carol Petty were also like a second family to me and I love them for that.
I also want to thank all my therapists, doctors, policeman, firefighters, and EMTs that got me to where I had to go safely. I know if it weren’t for the proper care, I may have not made this same recovery.
The community has done so much for me, from throwing me benefits to just keeping me in there thoughts and I can’t thank them enough. I will never give up and will be sure to make everyone proud of me. I will walk again and I won’t stop until I do.
Thank you all so much. I love you all very much.


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