Court protocol

Question: In high school volleyball, at the beginning of the match, after both referees take their positions, the first referee blows the initial whistle. Both teams then take their proper positions on their respective courts. Legal protocol?
Answer: Incorrect procedure. The initial whistle signals starters to lineup at their respective endlines. The second whistle signals players to enter the court in proper positions. (Rule 5, Sec. 3, Art. 4-a)
Question: At the end of the game, first referee blows the whistle to signal “end of set.” Are teams allowed to go directly to their benches?
Answer: The initial whistle indicates end of set and players are directed to their respective endlines. The second whistle then signals teams to their benches. The protocol system presents an orderly and timely method to start and end each set and match. (Rule 5-3-4 (b))


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