Hoboken mayoral candidates get their positions

Today, the seven remaining Hoboken mayoral candidates got the order in which they’ll be posted on the ballot. It will be:
Patricia Waiters
Beth Mason
Frank Raia
Nathan Brinkman
Everton Wilson
Dawn Zimmer
Kimberly Glatt
Since the election is taking place concurrent with the gubernatorial, expect a larger turnout than for most municipal elections. Also, many local representatives (assembly, etc.) will be on the ballot, but the incumbent Democrats are favored to win, considering Hudson County’s past record and a lack of strong Republican opposition locally.
Also, Secaucus is having a council and mayoral election, but no one is opposing mayoral candidate Michael Gonnelli. (Former opponent Dennis Elwell dropped out when he resigned his mayoral seat after being arrested in July with 43 other pols and religious leaders.)
Bayonne is having council races.

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