Healy puppet?

Dear Editor:
The situation we find ourselves in Jersey City is quite distributing and embarrassing. The present residency law which is in effect, without going into any elaborate legal briefs or penalties is so plain and simple, that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the successful results to this uncomplicated formula. How long does it take to determine the residency of a candidate or elected official, unless there are hidden improprieties involved?
The alarming uncertain discovery of Councilwomen Nidia Lopez’s possible residency requirements violation, if found guilty, is an arrogant disregard of an established regulation which protects us from any and all carpetbaggers. This must be legally enforced to abolish all non-residential candidates from seeking power for self indulging political gains. You must have stock in a company to have any rights in its operation. Any circumvention of the law would be a slap in the face to the election process and especially to the good citizens of Jersey City.
This present Healy Administration is shameful and despicable. They have proven this with the recent indictments administered by the Justice Department. Mayor Healy and his cronies should just adhere to these most informative words, “No one is above the law and no one is below the law and we are going to enforce the law”. This should always be practiced and never ignored. No matter how many times he and his administration overconfidently elude any regulation, with deliberate defiance; eventually its venom will unmercifully pierce their inflated vanity, leaving a permanent scar of disgrace, dishonor, and humiliation.
Research and investigations, of all potential candidates should be conducted independently by Federal or State authorities. There’s a good chance that important, significant information may be over looked on the local level. This fact finding research on a candidate’s residency, after the election results, certifying them the winner, and swearing them into office, definitely proves that there’s a glitch in the system. Obviously someone dropped the ball in this case. Whatever the outcome on Mrs. Lopez, this situation will definitely place reasonable doubt in the minds of the electorate on future elections held in Jersey City. This will ultimately enhance an escalated atmosphere of skepticism, suspecting the process as being tainted or manipulated.
Does anyone actually check and investigate that all potential candidates are adhering to the established election laws without prejudice and corruption? Are these infractions only discovered by mistake or by a whistleblower?
It’s ironic that this questionable elected official has the audacity in casting her council vote to raise property taxes on her constituents in Jersey City, before any final conclusions on her true residency was established. Can we actually trust her sincerity? Is she just another Healy puppet?
How many elected officials today are hiding the fact that they have debatable living quarters? There should be a complete audit conducted by the State of New Jersey, Attorney General’s Office to verify that all our current elected leaders are in complete compliance of this vital regulation.

William P. Frasca
Jersey City, N.J.

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