Time out

Question: In high school baseball, runner is on first base; pitcher is in pitching position, but the umpire raises his hand and gives the “do not pitch” signal. Pitcher does not see signal and picks off the runner at first base. Live/dead ball play? Does out stand?
Answer: Signal indicates time is out during dead ball play. (BB- Rule 1, Sec. 38; Official Signals (a))
Question: In high school baseball and softball, runner is on first base; batter singles to outfield and ball is returned to infielder, who immediately calls “time.” Is time automatically called/granted? Live/dead ball?
Answer: Umpire must judge that all play has ceased before granting and calling “time out.” Offense and defense must be allowed equal play opportunities before ball becomes dead due to “time out.” (BB- Rule 1, Sec. 38; Officials Manual #21; SB- Rule 1, Sec. 59; Rule 5, Sec. 2, Art. 1 & 2; Officials Manual – Sec. 2 (pg. 35))


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