AP: Gatti’s death could have been suicide

While boxer Arturo Gatti’s wife has been implicated in his death, Brazilian sources are saying an autopsy pointed at a hanging suicide instead. According to the AP report:
“SAO PAULO — An autopsy indicates former boxing champion Arturo Gatti may have committed suicide, been accidentally killed or murdered, according to a Brazilian newspaper that said it obtained a copy of the coroner’s initial findings.
“Police have said they are certain Gatti’s 23-year-old wife strangled the boxer with her purse strap as he drunkenly slept July 11, but the autopsy report raises some doubts.
“Gatti was found dead in the apartment he was renting with wife Amanda Rodrigues in the Brazilian seaside resort of Porto de Galinhas in the northeastern state of Pernambuco.
“In the state capital of Recife, the Jornal do Comercio newspaper reported Saturday that the autopsy findings it obtained stated Gatti’s body was ‘suspended and hanged, indicating he may have committed suicide.’
“The autopsy report, according to the newspaper, also said that ‘murder or accidental death’ could not be ruled out.”

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