Hoboken University Medical Center

Dear Editor:
Getting an abnormal report on a mammogram is most likely a scary and lonely incident for most women. But when it happened to me last week my experience was just the opposite. The staff at Hoboken University Medical Center surrounded me with positive energy and support. Their quick action and teamwork kicked-in when it was discovered that I was not a good candidate for the normal diagnostic procedure and an alternate test was quickly recommended and executed.
I’ve sent a note of thanks to the Mr. Rich Rogovin, Executive Director Radiology at the hospital but wanted to share this positive experience with the community. Hoboken University Medical Center is a true gem with a team that treats patients with compassion, not simply a problem to be diagnosed or paperwork to be managed. They were there with support and healthcare guidance when I needed it and their skill and kindness did make a difference to me.

Suzanne Rogacki

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