Taxes down slightly for two quarters

According to the city, the next set of tax bills will include a 5 percent property tax decrease from the last two quarters. Since the citizens got a massive tax hike last year to make up for years of budget deficits, some of the recurring costs are being paid off and taxes can start to come down, but no one knows how much until the 2009-2010 budget is struck.
Hoboken runs on a fiscal year. The new year just started on July 1 and runs until next June 30, 2010. Until the city passes this next budget – which is expected to be introduced in August or September – it will have to rely on an estimated budget to send out first and second quarter fiscal year tax bills.
Fiscal monitor Judy Tripodi said the 5 percent decrease is the maximum allowed by the state used when the municipality is expecting a decrease in the budget. Municipalities can also use a 5 percent increase if needed, she said.
Tripodi also said that she could have asked special dispensation from the state to have the estimated bills lowered more than 5 percent, but that she didn’t feel comfortable doing that without finished budget numbers.
The city expects the budget to drop from $124 million to $90 million this year.
School taxes are also down slightly, although county taxes will rise. The school budget is passed in April and the county budget is usually passed in June.

Crimmins out, Bado in at hospital

Hoboken University Medial Center’s Municipal Hospital Board voted recently to appoint Fred Bado, the city’s recently retired community development director, as the new Executive Director of the Municipal Hospital Authority. He is replacing George Crimmins, who served in that role since the hospital was converted from a private entity to a city-controlled institution.
The MHA is a quasi-governmental buffer between the city and the hospital management firm, created to minimize political involvement in the health care facility.
Crimmins said his contract was up in April, but had not been renewed. He said there was no reason given for his non-renewal, but that the board commended his service at the last meeting. He will serve until the end of the month.
Bado’s retirement party was last week, celebrating his years of service at the city and county, but now he will take over as the MHA executive director. Bado came under fire last year as community development director for several reasons, including an ill-conceived multi-million dollar walkway contract that was pointed out in a city audit.
Several sources claimed that the move may have been the doing of former Mayor David Roberts as a parting shot at Crimmins, a longtime Russo family ally.

Former financier accused of stealing $10K

Kathryn Kinney, who served as the city’s financial specialist last year, was recently accused of stealing over $10,000 from a non-profit organization, according to the Asbury Park Press.
Kinney, who was assigned to Hoboken by the city’s outsourced financial arm of Donoghue, Gironda, and Doria, was charged with third-degree theft and third-degree misapplication of entrusted property in the recent incident, according to reports.
According to the Press, Kinney allegedly took the money in order to prevent foreclosure proceedings on her house.
Kinney was brought to Hoboken by the firm at the tail end of their time with the city, in the midst a city budget debacle, and was by numerous accounts a good employee for the city.
Last year, it was rumored that she would be offered the job as Director of Finance. One source said Fiscal Monitor Judy Tripodi offered Kinney the job, but then rescinded the offer. Soon after the rumor circulated, Donoghue, Gironda, and Doria released her from her duties with the firm. She subsequently was not offered a job in City Hall.

On The Waterfront, on the waterfront

New Artist Theater Company and the city of Hoboken are presenting a staged reading of the iconic Hoboken-set film “On The Waterfront,” featuring several former actors from the HBO series “The Sopranos.” The production will be held on Tuesday, July 28 and Wednesday, July 29 at 7 p.m. in Sinatra Park, Fourth Street and Sinatra Drive.
“Sopranos” alumni will include Vincent Pastore (“Big Pussy”), Arthur Nascarella (“Carlo Gervasi”), Robert Funaro (“Eugene Pontecorvo”), and Jason Cerbone (“Jackie Aprile Jr.”).
The production is directed by Frank Licato and produced by Nick Puccio and the Hudson Film Group.
Admission is free and more information is available at (917) 402-3482.


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