Bayonne mayor calls for probe of Parking Authority attorney who filed suit

Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith has asked for a probe into possible improprieties by Parking Authority Attorney Peter Cresci, saying Cresci at one point had assumed duties for several full time and part time jobs, and allegedly took salaries without prior approval before he was dismissed as the city business administrator. Smith praised the Parking Authority for bringing in an independent counsel to investigate the matter.
Smith raised the allegations before the July 16 City Council meeting, but brought a sharp rebuke from Councilman Ted Connolly, who said this was something that should not have been aired in public.
The mayor’s action came two days after Cresci filed a suit against the Parking Authority in U.S. District Court claiming he has been the victim of reprisals by Mayor Smith through the Parking Authority executive director. Cresci suit claims that the Parking Authority has violated federal civil rights laws, some provisions under the federal Hatch Act, and the state’s Conscientious Employee Protection Act by allegedly coercing him into leaving his post as Parking Authority attorney. Al Sullivan

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