Question: In high school baseball and softball, are projected subs allowed? Can a coach tell the home plate umpire that there will be a pinch hitter, as well as a future defensive replacement during the inning?
Answer: The umpire-in-chief will only accept offensive changes when on offense and defense when team play defense. When ball is dead, subs will be announced. (BB- Rule 3, Sec. 1, Art. 1; SB- Rule 3-3-3)
Question: Bases loaded; two outs; batter grounds to shortstop, who steps on second for the third out. Prior to taking the field on defense, the coach appeals to umpire that shortstop was in the game illegally, having used up re-entry privilege. Appeal honored or denied? Is batter awarded first base or allowed to bat over?
Answer: Appeal is allowed; coach gains choice of accepting play or having batter return at bat with same count with runners returning to bases. Choice is given because illegal sub was involved in play. Shortstop is also restricted to bench. (BB- Rule 3-1-1 & SB-Rule 3-3-3 Pen.)


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