Audit Mayor Elwell’s moral character

Dear Editor:
While we are auditing the tax collector’s office, let’s audit Mayor Elwell’s moral character. In both cases the voter will come up with a loss. I say this because lying is a sure way of depleting the bank of the voter’s trust and respect.
At the last town council meeting the issue of missing monies in the tax collection account came up. It was suggested that an independent auditor be hired to investigate this problem. Mayor Elwell said, “…the prosecutor’s office requested that we not bring in an independent auditor for another 30 days. I would agree with you and support an independent investigation. I don’t have a problem with that… but the prosecutor of Hudson County recommends we do not.” (The Secaucus Reporter, Sunday June 28th 2009, Volume 22, Number 25, pages 4 & 10) When reached the next day for comment, Edward DeFazio (the Hudson County Prosecutor) denied he made such a request. Why would Elwell lie about that? Why would he not be truthful?
I don’t know the answers to those questions, but I do know that Mayor Elwell seems to have a problem with telling the truth. He seems to have a problem with doing the best for the people of Secaucus. I say “doing the BEST for the people of Secaucus” because to be truthful is to serve the town in the highest capacity.
After the meeting was over I witnessed that the first thing Elwell did was verbally pounce on Gary Jeffas. He aggressively and repeatedly jabbed his pointed finger in Gary’s face and accused him of making the investigation of the shortfall of the tax monies into a political issue. I think the point is when Mayor Elwell lied, HE (the mayor), made it into a political issue, not Gary.
Just as there seems to be a shortfall in the Tax Collection Office, we also have a shortfall in the mayor’s moral character. It seems Mayor Elwell has a problem with depositing into the banks of trust and respect. The question is, “Is Mayor Elwell bringing his best to the job, and doing his best for the people of Secaucus? Maybe lying is the best he and his team can do and that’s the problem. I believe this is an issue which will do more to unseat Elwell than anything else. Secaucus has an opportunity in November to change this by voting for Mike Gonnelli.

Doug DePice

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