Resident offers weekly ‘food tours’ of Hoboken’s Italian restaurants, bakeries, mutz-makers!

We got a press release today from a company called “Mangia Hoboken! The Hoboken Food Tour.” “Food tours” are fairly popular in New York City, and there are several pizza tours in that city, but now a group apparently wants to bring tourists on a tasting adventure of the mile-square city! Considering the popularity of Hoboken’s fresh Italian pasta, mutz, and bread, it’s no surprise.
Tour director Avi Ohring, a resident since 1986, is including the popular Carlo’s Bakery, taking advantage of the establishment’s newfound TV presence. Overall, the focus of the tour is family-owned Italian eateries and bakeries.
The release gives a web address:
And here’s the description:
“Mangia Hoboken! celebrate’s the food and culture of Hoboken, NJ with guided walking tours exploring the world-class Italian food establishments that have been in business for decades.
“ ‘We offer a weekly walking tour for small groups that features a behind-the-scenes look at the world-class food establishments which highlight historic Hoboken’s Italian heritage,’ ” said Tour Director Avi Ohring. “ ‘The tour will focus on family-owned businesses, where everything is still made by hand and you have a good chance of running into the owner. Compared to New York City food tours given in Little Italy or the Lower East Side, people will find this tour to be a more authentic experience.’

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