Congressman who?

To the Editor:
The 13th Congressional District, which includes almost all of Bayonne, covers most of Hudson County, but includes small parts of Union and Middlesex counties, as well. This area is represented by Congressman Albio Sires. However, ever since 2006 when Sires won this congressional seat, his presence in this district has been slim to none. Granted, he makes the usual appearance at the local parades, but is that why we elected him?
I propose that Congressman Albio Sires begin to host Town Hall style meetings with his constituents so that we, the voters, can express our opinions. Numerous representatives tour their districts, informing their constituents as to their progress in Congress, as well as answering any questions that concerned citizens may hold.
I believe Sires should do so, as well. With many critical topics being discussed presently in Congress, including the cap-and-trade bill and national health care, Congressman Sires should allow his constituents to voice their opinion. Few call, write, or email; however, given a public forum, citizens will take part. Be it to simply hear what Sires is doing on Capital Hill that will benefit this district, or to voice their opinion in favor or against specific legislation.
Congress is released from their duties in the Capital from Aug. 3 to Sept. 4 for what is called the “Summer District Work Period.” Congressman Sires, I urge you to organize a Town Hall meeting during this time. Do it for your constituents; do it so our voices can be heard.


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