Time out

Question: In high school baseball and softball, once a player requests “time, is ball dead automatically?
Answer: Players may ask for “time,” but umpires may grant “time” when all playing action has ceased; hence, play is then suspended. (BB & SB- Rule 5, Sec. 2, Art. 1)
Question: Pitcher starts his/her delivery and batter steps out of box to request time. Should umpire grant “time”? Legal action by batter?
Answer: Regardless of pitch location, pitch will be called a “strike” on batter. Request for time should be prior to pitch and it is not an automatic dead ball by just stepping out of the box. (BB & SB- Rule 5, Sec. 2, Art. 1). Batter left box at risk of penalty strike being called. (BB & SB- Rule 7-3-1)


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