Real Housewives of New Jersey – The Tables Are Turned

The Finale

Editor’s note: Hoboken-based comedienne Eileen Budd has been writing our recaps of the Bravo TV reality series “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Enjoy them? Have a comment? Comment below!

Well, the last episode of the season got off to an easy start with Dina visiting Teresa in her new castle. As Dina and her daughter approach the imposing gold front doors of the house, Dina remarks, “I feel like I’m visiting Oz.” Only, the Wizard couldn’t a fford a multi-million dollar French Chateau.
Teresa shows Dina the stone sinks and counters and floors as Dina laughs, “You have onyx coming out of your ass, Teresa.” That’s not all she has. Like most New Jerseyans, she also has taste coming out of her ass.
Danielle shows her kids modeling pictures from her heyday and one of the kids looks at the photos and says, “Scary.” I don’t even want to think about what Danielle’s pose might have been. Danielle takes this opportunity to bring up the now infamous book that detailed her questionable past. Insisting that the only things that were true were that “I did get arrested and change my name,” Danielle obviously feels that these are just activities that everyone does at some point in their lives.
Jacqueline’s parents come to visit in a Winnebago the size of a city block. I’m sure her upscale Franklin Lakes neighbors liked seeing that beauty in the driveway. Property values immediately dropped 1,000 percent.
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