Business as usual for current administration

Dear Editor:
I am writing this letter to bring attention to the lack of information contained on the Town Council’s Meetings Consent Agenda. The format and contents are totally unacceptable and do not provide the public with resolutions listed individually. At this last Town Council meeting held on Tuesday March 24, 2009, there were 23 professional contracts; in excess of $1,000,000.00 awarded which were lumped together on the Consent Agenda as “Resolutions to award professional contracts”. As residents and taxpayers we have the right to view each and every resolution before they are voted on and to also voice our opinion and ask any questions we may have regarding them.
It is also apparent that the current administrations contract awarding process is not conducted in a fair and open manner. Only a few of the 23 contracts had more than 1 bid on them and this is due to the way this Administration advertises (or doesn’t) for these services. Since there is more than 1 town website, they steer their cronies to the correct one. This is another example of the current Administration’s highhanded way of doing business the way they want to without regard to a fair and open bidding process. It should also be noted that some of the professionals who were awarded contracts that evening donate to Mayor Elwell and Councilmen Reilly & Shinnick’s campaign funds.
In addition, those in attendance at the Town Council meeting heard the Independent Councilmen ask for additional time to thoroughly review all 23 professional contracts before voting on them as they only received their copies of them the night before the meeting. This request was denied by the Mayor and is another example of this Administrations lack of open government!

Susan Pirro

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