Open letter to our council members

Dear Editor:
I would like to thank the council for passing the “Pilot” for Church Towers. We have dragged this on far too long.
Church Towers is a small community within itself, made up of old Hoboken families who have weathered the past storms of this City. We’ve lived through the tough times of the seventies and eighties when most people were moving their families to the suburbs to escape the crime of the City.
At least three generations of Hoboken families now reside in Church Towers. These families could not afford to stay in Hoboken if it weren’t for Church Towers. We appreciate all the newcomers and what our town has become but we need to keep the integrity of Hoboken and keep our history of Hoboken families in town to raise their children and grandchildren and their children and grandchildren.
This bring up the point of our need for more affordable housing and more senior buildings. Instead of arguing over what people do in their personal lives and finances, we should be putting our heads together to demand more affordable housing and more senior buildings.
A large percentage of tenants in Church Towers are seniors. Our senior buildings are full to capacity. Instead of all this big development we really need to look at the needs of this City and its citizens.
In closing, I would like again to thank the council for passing this resolution, and I look forward to seeing you work together for more affordable housing.

Eileen Wehrhahn
Church Towers resident

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