Just imagine…

Dear Editor:
Imagine how the value of residential property in Hoboken would rise if instead of an annual exodus of families with school-age kids, families were trying to move into Hoboken because of the excellence of our school system.
Imagine that instead of paying $25,000 a year per student for a school system that supports six non-teaching employees for every kid, Hoboken taxpayers were supporting a system that ensured that the city’s best teachers and principals had the resources to deliver a superb education to every kid in Hoboken.
Imagine that instead of being shrouded in secrecy, the details of the school system budget were made transparent to the School Board and citizens of Hoboken.
Imagine that instead of supporting a patronage factory, our tax dollars were supporting a system that put teachers and kids first.
If you are a registered Hoboken voter, you can help turn these dreams into reality by voting for the Kids First ticket in the School Board election on Tuesday, April 17. The polls will be open 2-9 p.m. Please find the time that day to put kids first by voting for Theresa Minutillo 1A; Maureen Sullivan 4A and Ruth McAllister 5A.

Richard Kamber

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