I’m here any time you need my help

Dear Readers:
I hope this brief note finds you doing well. As you know the Board of Commissioners and I have been working together with all of the departments of our municipal government to continue to deliver you the best services possible. Furthermore, it is our goal to provide you with even more services in spite of the fact that we now have less funds to work with. As you can imagine, we face the difficult task of navigating through the difficult economic crisis that has befallen our Nation here at the local level. That having been said, we are doing our best to help you in any way possible during these difficult times. In addition, we continue to look at all areas of city government to explore any ways we may be able to cut costs.
Most importantly I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that if you have any problem whatsoever, please feel free to contact me. Whether your problem is a government related issue, a concern you might have about your neighborhood or even a personal problem, I am here to meet and speak with you 7 days a week (my cell phone is 201-376-1942.)
Please do not hesitate to call my cell phone or office any time. As you know, I truly appreciate the opportunity of helping you resolve any problem you might have.
Thank you for the honor to serve you!

Your Mayor,
Brian P. Stack

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