I endorse Guy Catrillo for Ward E Councilman

Dear Editor:
My introduction to Mr. Guy Catrillo Elect started several years ago when I worked for the incumbent presently in office in Ward E. He was referred to me by another department in City Hall. When I called Guy I was struck by his willingness to help me especially since it was definitely not his job to do so. As I began to work for the constituents in Ward E I found myself reaching out to Mr. Catrillo on many occasions. I was either able to speak directly to him or if I left a message he always returned my calls. I was impressed with the fact that he cared about constituent concerns and really wanted to help. He assisted me to the best of his ability every time without hesitation.
In this day and times it is definitely hard to find someone of his stature, a person who cares about his community, is committed to a positive outcome and follows through on his promises. My introduction to politics left me shell shocked dealing with the bureaucracy that existed. I appreciated the fact that Guy extended himself as if he worked in the same office with me.
Personally warmth and perseverance are some of the words that come to mind when describing Guy Catrillo Elect. The interesting thing about our working relationship is that we had never personally met until a year ago. When we finally did meet I found it amusing that we have been speaking, saying hello all along. We did not particularly know each other, yet his friendly spirit was evident.
Guy Catrillo is not only someone you can depend on, he is also a very talented artist who’s creative side often comes into play when working on projects and serving his community. His professionalism and humanitarian approach is important when dealing with constituents and the challenges that arise. I know that he his unafraid and unaffected when faced with adversity. No challenge is too great for him since he is committed to serving the people.
In closing, I sincerely endorse Mr. Guy Catrillo Elect whole-heartily for Councilman of Ward E. He is a team player who will work with his fellow Council members to improve the lives of all in Jersey City.

Tracy La’Bad
Ex-Aide Ward E

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