Cassidy should stop using courts for political purposes

Dear Editor:
As a World War II Veteran and lifelong resident of Jersey City I truly resent Joseph Cassidy, for purely political purposes using the valuable resources of our courts to promote a frivolous circumstance concerning our Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy and an issue that was already heard and responded to by the courts. This is coming from a former Sheriff who accomplished nothing in his 12 years in office except a paycheck and now is looking to again hold a public elected office. Is this the only way he thinks he can prevail by attempting to eliminate those running?
Mr. Cassidy it is obvious that you have no issues to present in any campaign as the city is being run well by our Mayor. I ask again, as I have asked before, what influence could the Mayor of Jersey City possibly have in a shore town far away from Jersey City.
It is certain that you, Joe Cassidy, should understand that the courts in Hudson County and the State of New Jersey have pressing issues to adjudicate; stop using the court system for political purposes.

Charles Hannon

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