BHS Choral Parents’ Association extends heartfelt thanks

To the Editor:
At the recent Bayonne High School “Night of A Thousand Stars,” three of Bayonne’s best were honored: Edward, Joseph, and William Broderick. How can one give thanks to the many wonderful Bayonne people who graciously gave their time to support this huge event?
As president of the BHS Choral Parents’ Organization, I, Mary Beth Golden, would like to begin by extending a heartfelt thanks to my exceptional board members who worked so diligently in making this year’s event such a success. These amazing women include Executive Board Director Lydia Megale, Vice President Maria Duffy, Treasurer Cathy Laszkow, and Secretary Maria Archiello. Much gratitude is also extended to all the members of our choral parents group who worked so willingly to obtain journal ads and assist with this event. Without a doubt, these people worked vigorously to ensure a night filled to the brim with success!
Of course, it would only be appropriate to thank the incredible master of ceremonies, Joan Rosen, and all our remarkable guest speakers, including Mayor Mark Smith, Freeholder Doreen DiDomenico, Dr. Patricia McGeehan, BHS Principal Richard Baccarella, as well as Donna Zervoulis, Joseph Barbero, Jimmy Gleich and Cory Ransom. Also not to be forgotten are the rising star student vocalist Agnes Kalinowski, outstanding BHS culinary chef Joseph Barbero and his students for providing the most delicious baked goods, BHS art teacher Charlann Meluso for creating the wonderful entrance poster, Peggy Capodice and staff of the BHS Processing Center for printing the journal programs, Patricia Squitieri for producing the event tickets, Donna Zervoulis for publicity, and DJ John Majewski for the fantastic music.
It is also necessary to extend thanks to all the people and businesses that so generously placed a journal ad or donated something in return. With some 285 people in attendance, this event was by all means the largest we’ve ever held. Words cannot express how grateful I am to all who contributed in making this year’s event such a success! I would most definitely like to extend a huge “thank you” to Rocky Coviello and his staff at the Chandelier Restaurant for hosting such a superb event, with excellent food and the best of service! A “special” thank you is given to Carlos and Victor of the Chandelier for their kind ways and always going above and beyond to accommodate all our needs. Finally, Bayonne’s Party Connections for decorating the room and making it so glamorous!
Bottom line, it takes each of us to make a difference for all of us! No matter what it was you did to contribute to this incredible celebration, one thing is for sure, we all made a difference! There are just not enough words to express my appreciation to all of you. This surely was an event filled with many memories to last for years to come. On behalf of the BHS Choral Parents’ Association, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! May God bless each and every one of you!

BHS Choral Parents’ Assoc.

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