I’m still optimistic about Hoboken

Dear Editor:
Mayor Roberts has made a number of public statements around our current fiscal disaster without ever once admitting that he overspent the budget by $11 million. Roberts has also never answered questions around his questionable budgetary tactics, which are to be blamed for this crisis. As a taxpayer, I find his reluctance to admit fault offensive.
In a memo to the Hoboken City Council dated March 6, 2009, State Fiscal Monitor Judy Tripodi stated that years of mismanagement led to the current crisis. She goes on to say that adoption of the budget by the council would not have prevented the massive tax increase.
I applaud those council people who were willing to advocate on behalf of the taxpayers especially because their decision was so unpopular politically at the time. Although there is much work to be done, I remain optimistic that their long-term approach will prove successful.
I wish our next mayor best wishes in repairing eight years of damage perpetuated by the Roberts’ administration.

Jay Rattigan

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