Come out & vote for Tom Roarty for Bd of Ed

Dear Editor:
I believe the citizens of Secaucus should be grateful to have Tom Roarty running for our School Board of Education.
Tom regularly attends Board meetings and questions the Board’s decisions on how our tax dollars are spent. He was persistent in questioning the creation of a new Assistant Superintendent’s position. With a school district as small as ours, it seems almost “decadent” that a thought like that would even be entertained.
His persistent questioning resulted in the creation of this “decadent” position being tabled and saved the taxpayers of Secaucus $170,000 a year. This is a significant savings especially in this economy.
If Tom can do this as a private citizen, imagine what he will be able to do as an elected Board official? I’m asking all citizens of Secaucus to come out and vote Election Day for Tom Roarty for Secaucus Board of Education.

Hoping for a change,
Colleen Scelso

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