A response to ‘Thanks for the Extortion’

Dear Editor:
I read with much amusement the letter posted by the Hoboken visitor suffering from “Boot Derangement Syndrome.” As a resident and taxpayer I find the boot to be a most efficient, cost saving, revenue producing piece of equipment, that gets its point across very well. Its main job is to protect the parking spots of the residents.
I have noticed in the past couple of weeks that the Parking Utility has increased its vigilance, and the result is that far less non-residents are illegally parking on our side of the street – and that’s a good thing. The bottom line is that the boot works, and I can assure you that if Mr. Valentin were a resident of Hoboken and he couldn’t find a spot to park, he would want the boot working for him.
We certainly do not want to deter anyone from visiting our city but you would be doing yourself and us a big favor by leaving your car at home.
So I commend the Parking Utility for continuing the Hoboken tradition of applying the boot – and yes Mr. Valentin you are right, you can never have enough boots.

Sue Pregibon

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