The Fairness Act

Dear Editor:
Much has been debated about the Fairness Act which is being proposed for the purpose of enabling the public to be presented with an equal side of liberal and conservative ideology.
At present, there is a preponderance of right wing conservative radio programs, encouraging telephone callers to voice their opinions, a practice, which on the surface, would seem to be unacceptable. Consequently, legislation is being considered to balance the situation.
However, the liberal movement should realize that if there is a greater enthusiasm by conservative callers then this must be the way in a democratic society, and liberal hosts and listeners should exert more interest in forwarding their goals.
Nevertheless, an ironic result has occurred in this environment, for right wing platforms which would normally encourage Republican registration have due to the fierce and at times fanatical zeal of the hosts, have caused many undecided voters to abandon the conservative banner.
When Rush Limbaugh suggests that it would be good for some of President Obama’s programs to be unsuccessful, while Sean Hannity delights in having his listeners often refer to him as a great American, and Michael Savage gives precedence to fiscal stability over the needs of people, even those who may be presently unqualified, many voters will back away. It is not inconceivable that former President Bush, indeed, lost some support because of the stance of these conservative radio talk shows.
Of course, Limbaugh did not want the country to fail but merely to adopt his ideas; Hannity believed that a great American was one who believed in his creed, and Savage was genuinely concerned with the position of the taxpayer.
Sincere men but excessively presumptuous.

Howard Lawson

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