Dog handler defends pets from death

Dear Editor:
As a professional dog handler for over a decade, I resent the use of the term to describe Ms. Kolb. If there is anything to the numerous claims against her, she is anything but. She ignored city laws and brushed off any complaints as if they don’t apply to her.
I spent two years on the Van Vorst Park Assoc. Board (’99-’01), and I am very familiar with the ongoing conflict between the dog community and those who would rather not have to deal with any dogs on public property. It is attitudes similar to hers that cause these problems.
Over the years, I have had off-leash dogs charge me and dogs I am walking, a number of times. Sometimes it was in play, and on a few occasions they have attacked. I no longer differentiate. Some dogs are friendly, some aren’t, but most will react to a situation. Sometimes it is the leashed dog that is not friendly.
As long as dog owners like Ms. Kolb ignore the laws and disrespect the community and public property, the problems will continue, people and dogs will be injured and neighbors will be at odds.

Thank you,
Otis Ball

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