Ramos mum on endorsement, for now

In this weekend’s Hoboken Reporter, Assemblyman and Councilman Ruben Ramos says he’s not sure who he’ll endorse for mayor. “I want to have a working relationship with whoever wins,” he said.
Heavy rumors suggest that Assemblyman Brian Stack is pressuring Ramos, who is running for re-election to the Assembly this June, to back Councilwoman Beth Mason for mayor, or at least not publicly back one-time ally Peter Cammarano. Then, Ramos can have Stack’s support in June. Stack is widely rumored to be supporting Mason in the upcoming race.
But there’s a history of opposition between Ramos and Mason. Last year, Ramos sponsored an unpopular resolution to ask Mason to stop suing the financially strapped Hoboken University Medical Center for public records disclosure. (Ramos’ measure failed 6-2). Also last year, Mason introduced an ordinance designed to cut the number of jobs a public official could have at once – a resolution some say was aimed at Ramos.
Will Ramos endorse anyone? See what he says this Sunday in the Reporter (posted here at midnight on Sunday). The story also looks at his accomplishments and comments on Hoboken issues.
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